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I’m sure that nearly everyone has heard the old trope that having a glass of wine with dinner is good for your heart. There is plenty of research that has been done on the various effects of wine on human health. Most of these show a correlation between wine consumed in moderation and positive health outcomes. A large portion of the research is focused on a compound called resveratrol, an antioxidant that naturally occurs in red grape skin, and how it affects different cell functions. Here are 5 potential health benefits of drinking red wine in moderation.

 Cardiovascular Health

This study has shown a potential link between red wine consumption and a lower risk of Coronary Heart Disease. The study attributes much of this benefit to changes in lipid profiles, a reduction of Insulin resistance, and an increase of good cholesterol in the bloodstream.


Wine May Reduce Cancer Incidents

Red wine has high levels of Resveratrol, and when this compound was added to human cancer cells, it has shown evidence to block a cancer aiding protein that plays a key role in cancer growth. This meta-study accumulated data from a variety of studies that have shown a positive influence of wine, grapes, and resveratrol on diminishing cancer growth. The conclusion to the study emphasizes that the in vitro studies dominate the data set and there does need to be more research done in vivo to make a definitive conclusion.


Gut Health

This study showed a link between red wine consumption and an overall gut health increase. Showcasing higher levels of prebiotics that help improve overall healthy gut bacteria. The healthy gut is also correlated with other positive health signals.


Shown to Be Beneficial in Those With Type 2 Diabetes

For similar reasons as the improvements in cardiovascular health, drinking red wine has shown to be beneficial in small quantities for those with type 2 diabetes. This study showed resveratrol caused a reduction in insulin resistance and an increase in therapeutic effects of specific diabetes prescriptions. Additionally, modest amounts of ethanol has been shown to play a role in metabolizing sugars.


Blood Pressure

Resveratrol the antioxidants present in red wine has shown a positive correlation with an increase of HDL (good) cholesterol and reduced blood pressure. You do have to watch how much you are drinking because you may end up negating your positive impacts from the Resveratrol by taking in too much alcohol and thus increase your blood pressure.

*This is not medical advice, we are in no way qualified to advise anyone on their medical decisions. We suggest that you consult with your doctor for decisive medical decisions.


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