Leap Year Special

Once every 4 years, we go crazy over here 🤪
We're inviting wine lovers just like you to join us!

For limited time only, you can purchase:

6 bottles of red wine
for only
$49 (including FREE SHIPPING)!🚚

👈🏻 You'd pay $166 for these same wines elsewhere.

Price: $49 $166.00

✔ After completing your order, you'll be subscribed to our monthly case of Red Wine Lovers 12 x 750ml at the regular price of $159.99 (including FREE SHIPPING).

✔ Cancel any time.

Open the vault, unleash the gems!

This isn’t your average case—it’s a trophy cabinet in disguise. We’ve packed it with award-winning newcomers, sizzling best-sellers, and hidden treasures—all at the top of their game. Forget the guesswork and sit back with wines proven to impress—your next favorite might just be uncorked in this very box.

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