CasebyCase: Wine Simplified

Effortless Wine Discovery:
Here at Casebycasewines, we're all about simplicity.

3 Easy Steps: Select, Schedule, Savor - Wine Simplified.​

Step 1: Browse and Choose

Browse our selection of wine cases, pick your case & choose from our varied options: All Reds, Reds & Whites, or Red, Whites, & Rosés.

Step 2: Set your Schedule

Select how often you'd like to receive your 12 bottles: every month, every two months, or every three months.

Step 3: Enjoy

No long-term commitments. You can change your preferences or cancel anytime. How cool is that?

Monthly Curated Surprises

Every month brings a fresh chapter in your wine journey with us. Our Wine Experts meticulously update each case selection, ensuring your next sip is always a new discovery. Whether you’re a devotee of the robust and rich, or a fan of the crisp and refreshing, every case is an opportunity to explore and enjoy unparalleled tastes. Dive into a world of wine that evolves with you, month after month

Price Transparency

Our goal is to get the best wines to your doorstep at the best price. We were tired of the high markup on wine, so we got rid of the middleman to get you the best price.


We keep it simple, through buying in bulk and shipping only cases, we are able to provide free shipping.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Like you, we love wine. Our expertise and passion is to trade only fine wines. That’s why your satisfaction is our top priority.

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