Celebrating 15 Years

Celebrating 15 years

Bringing 90+ rated wines from vineyards to your doorstep

Your Wine Adventure Starts Here

Travel the world of wine with CasebyCase. We curate fine wines and deliver gems to your door.
You can choose a one-time purchase or create your own delivery schedule:
Receive a case of wine every month, every two months, or every three months.

Start Buying Wine the Right Way

Delivering JOY to wine lovers for 15+ Years


World Class Curation by Real Wine Experts

90+ Rated Wines

We Taste 100 wines per week and only buy 4

Free Shipping included with every case

Choose From our Expert-Curated Cases

We only trade in fine wine cases. This is our expertise and passion. We’re highly selective. Out of the 5,000 wines we taste annually, only 4% make the grade. Choose from one of the options below and start your wine adventure.

Wine Case of the Month
$320.00 $159.99

Immerse yourself in twelve bottles of six extraordinary wines from top regions, all boasting 90+ ratings. Guaranteed happiness in every sip!

Red Wine Lovers Case
$320.00 $159.99

Now's your chance to take home some of our best-selling, coveted red wines! Sit back and uncork your next favorite red. Choose your own red wine adventure!

Red & White - Mixed Case
$320.00 $159.99

This case of wine includes quintessential red and white varietals from the world's finest wine-producing regions. This specially selected collection provides five-star flavors at an exceptional value.

Red, White & Rosé - Mixed Case
$320.00 $159.99

This case is perfect for those wanting to sample different varieties and discover your new favorite wine. It is specially curated with full-bodied reds, zesty whites, and refreshing rosés. Ready to discover your new favorite wine?

Our Wine Journey: From Experience to Excellence

At Case by Case Wines, we’re passionate about bringing you exceptional wines, handpicked with care. With nearly two decades of experience in the online wine industry, we decided to start this venture to cater to those who are new to wine, as well as those seeking guidance and direction in their wine journey.

Our parent company, Big Hammer Wines, is known for offering premium selections from around the world. However, we noticed a need for high-quality, everyday drinking wines, which led to the inception of Case by Case Wines. 

Become a part of Case by Case Wines​

Start your adventure in wine with our subscription program. Enjoy our unique rewards program and earn points that you can use on your next order. Become a member today!

Never run out of fine wine.

Our wine subscription means that you will have our exceptional collection of wines delivered to your door as often as you want. No more empty wine shelves. Cheers!

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